The Beginning and the End

“Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.” -Pablo Picasso-

While the year 2013 in many ways was a year of more or less total destruction for me, it was also the year of great new creation. The creational part had actually started as early as 2011, but as with most processes in life it took me a while to realize where I was going. During a train ride home from a gig, at 7 am in the morning, while feeling really sorry for myself I remember sitting down and writing the first few lines for a song. At the time I didn’t really take myself all that serious, I had no plans what-so-ever on where to use the lines, I just wrote. By time however the lines multiplied and during late 2012 I realized I should do something with all my lyric material. After a little encouraging wine, I picked up the guitar, and soon (or to be frank, quite a lot later and after many, many, many tries and re-recordings) I had my first try of a song demo.

During the spring of 2012 I also started to find myself back to my love of crafting. I’ve always been a bit of a granny, knitting socks and whatnots for everyone around me, not to talk about the jewelry boxes and homemade necklaces I’ve enriched my beloved ones lives with.. I’ve sown my own clothes both for the stage and for everyday use, but what has always bothered me a bit about it is, that the sock-knitting hobby never seem to build up to anything. One sock ready, two socks ready, next.. I wanted something bigger. Something more long-lasting.

The third and maybe most obvious thing that I carry with me is my love for photography. I started out in 2008, I think, with a really crappy borrowed camera. Shooting gigs and other happenings or just ripping down the curtains from the windows at home and making myself pretty little princes dresses out of them, then shooting them in my living room and editing myself into various fantasy sceneries. How endearing… Later it grew to shooting friends and soon I found grounds to found a company around my hobby.

Since I had all these elements I started to try and figure out a way to combine them all. I got frustrated when I had so many different projects going on all the time, but not one, for me good enough, goal to focus on. During my songwriting I also realized that I use a lot of mental pictures and everything builds up from there. One song was out of a scene in a desert and an other is a story about all the ghosts in my life wandering around in my world and so on. I managed to sink myself pretty deep in these creational waters of mine and that sinking, my friends, is what this blog will try and tell you about. Still unsure of how far I will be able to take this I’m just following a thread I found in me somewhere and I’m still nestling it up to see where it takes me.

Janica Lönn