All music recorded, mixed and mastered at Deep Noise Studios by Saku Moilanen
All music and lyrics by Janica Lönn
Album cover and web design by Susi Leinonen
Website by Esa Rantanen / Eccola

Cornered by Death video
Camera : Valtteri Hirvonen
Direction, edit and costume design : Janica Lönn
Choreography : Heidi Ahola
Dancers : Heidi Ahola, Laura Lindström, Veera Laine, Hanna Lindlöf, Fanny Makkonen, Heini Salminen

Worlds Apart
MUA: Maria Mironova
Model: Johanna Nylund

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Violent Journey Records
Deep Noise Studios
Lupus print
Make-up artist Maria Mironova
Valtteri Hirvonen

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Thank you!

Thank you Tuomas, for being my rock, for enlightening my path, for listening, encouraging and always, always believing in me. I thought I knew who I was, but you keep reminding me anew. Thank you Jutta for listening. For keeping my feet on the ground, for countless hours of spell correct, for support, for love for friendship. You are magnificent and I truly hope I one day can mirror even the tinniest bit of your professionalism and strength to you. Thank you Sonja for your patience. For smacking my ass, for our field of paper flowers, for your blood, sweat and tears and for your humor, care and pure awesomeness. Thank you Anne for your wise words, for listening, for talking, for all the hours of deep thinking and developing. You are my sister in arms like none other. Thank you Jessica and Joanna for being my sisters by blood, for love, support and help in any way needed at any time of the day. Thank you Heidi, (you’re a gem) for your amazing work. How easily you understood what I was looking for and how perfectly you managed to execute it. Valtter, and your nerves of steel, thank you for all your help and dedication I would have fallen flat more than a couple of times if it weren’t for you. Thank you Heini, Hanna, Veera, Fanni and Laura for your dedication. You’re just pure and plain awesome. Thank you Daiana, Susi and Nici and Esa, reliable and creative souls like none other. Thank you Mia and Petra for late nights of wine and flower making. Thank you Cilla and Katerina, Johanna, Maria, Saku, Antti, Vesa and Misan. Thank you Jokke, Kalle, Tuukka, Jan, Pyry and Dani for thoughts and support. And thank you Peik, for all the good and the bad times.