A King Worthy a Crown

“My crown is called content, a crown that seldom kings enjoy” -William Shakespeare-

In my life, as probably you in yours too, I’ve seen kings in many different places. Kings who think they rule over their own lands, kings that actually rule over their lands, kings searching for their queens, kings that prefer the maids, kings who have sworn not to rule at all and kings who are still searching for something to rule over. Whatever the kings rule over and wherever they might be ruling, they sometime during their life come across one an other, dance together for a while, and then wander off to rule over new lands or kingdoms.

I won’t explain my self any further now, in time it will all become clear. I will sincerely say however, that I’ve had the pleasure to get to know some of the finest kings in this world, and I’m finishing the crowns for the kings of my life.